What is a CNA?

CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) training includes both classroom and on duty training. The training period ranges from 100 to 120 hours in total. Usually this program is taught at community colleges. This is a program that requires some basic skills on the part of the students in order to qualify for the boards. For example, they are taught how to be patient while handling their charges, legal issues, rights and responsibilities, medical equipment, and the basic necessities of feeding and bathing the patients are also taught. CPR is sometimes taught in these programs. However, the basic necessities, in order to take care of a helpless person, is taught to the nursing assistants as they are required to keep an eye on their patients nearly 24X7.

The work of the CNA is more than the work of either the doctor or the nurse. This is a career anyone could opt for – be if a person who has found himself unemployed after the ever-growing recession or the fresh young one who wants to answer their life’s calling. This course can be done anytime in your life, just as long you are healthy and capable enough to handle it. At the end of the program, students are required to take a certificate examination which determines whether they have successfully become a Certified Nursing Assistant. For the smooth running of any hospital or medical place, it is important to have around the clock nursing assistants on the clock at all times. Therefore, there has been a growing demand for people in this line. It is a good career option for people have no idea what to do now that the recession shows no signs of healing, and they are slowly seeing that the jobs that they were qualified for do not have any openings for them. CNA could actually be their real calling after all.

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