Virgin Island Board of Nursing

Virgin Island Board of Nursing is known as VI Board of Nurse Licensure and is located at Veterans Drive Station St. Thomas, VI. The Nurse Licensure Board was created by the VI state 100 years back with a goal to safeguard the public health, safety and welfare through regulating, enforcing and ensuring safe nursing practice, nursing education and promoting continuing safe nursing practice.

Board Mission

The Board has a Mission of overseeing, implementation and enforcing the safe practice of nursing. The Board continuously strives hard to fulfill its mission by setting nursing standards for safe nursing cares and by issuing licensure to practicing professionals.

The responsibility of the Board does not end by issuing the license but the Board also performs monitoring the compliance to state’s laws by the licensee and by initiating necessary action against the unsafe nursing practice licenses.

Board Members

VI Board of Nurse Licensure constitute of Board members representing nursing profession and consumer. The Board comprises of registered nurses, licensed practical/vocational nurses, advanced practice registered nurses, and consumer. The Board meetings are scheduled for regulating nursing practice and for conducting disciplinary action on nurse licenses as deemed necessary.

The consumer member of the Board has the responsibility to oversee removable of unsafe nursing practice by the licensee.

Nurse Practice Act Chapter 1, Sub Chapter IV prescribes the Duties and Responsibilities of the Board and they include:

  • Review schools of nursing education curricula standard for the implementation of Nurse Practice Act Sub Chapter provisions for licensing.
  • Approve schools implementing Sub Chapter provisions of required standards.
  • Schedule examinations in accordance with the NCSBN and review applicant’s eligibility to appear in the exam.
  • License and review licenses of qualified applicants and establish rules and regulations for competency of recognized specialties.
  • Investigate, Review and conduct hearings for the discipline charges against a licensee or revocation of a license, issue subpoenas for the appearance of witness and administer oaths to persons giving testimony at hearings.
  • Impose necessary sanctions on licensee for violating sub chapter
  • Application and renewal forms review and revision for maintaining statistical records.
  • Maintain a registry of nurse manpower
  • Establish CE Education requirements and rules and regulations for License renewal and for acceptance of certificates.
  • examination and licensing fee schedules
  • Prepare an annual budget for the Board’s operation
  • Prepare and Submit annual report to the Governor and the Legislature
  • Appoint and employ an executive secretary that is not be a member of the Board.
  • Reimburse board members for carrying out the official function of the Board
  • Maintain membership and collaborate with the National Council of State Boards of Nurses.

Board Committee

Discipline Committee

Education Committee

Rules & Regulations Committee

Finance Committee

Task Force on Home Births

Task Force/Online Renewals


Virgin Islands Board of Nurse Licensure

PO Box 304247 Veterans Drive Station St. Thomas, VI 00803

Phone: (340) 776-7397 FAX: (340) 777-4003