Utah Board of Nursing

Board of Nursing Utah is located at Salt Lake City, UT and is a part of the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL).  Specific laws related to Licensing and regulations of Nursing have been legislatively authorized to DOPL for enforcing and administering, whereas the Nurse Practice Act has entrusted following responsibilities on the Board:

Board Duties and Responsibilities

The Board has to recommend the DOPL regarding the minimum standard that is required to for educational programs to qualify an individual for licensure or certification.
To recommendation Division concerning approval or disapproval and withdrawal of approval to the education programs that do not meet the established minimum education standards.
To designate one of the Board member to the Division on a permanent or rotation basis for assisting the Board in reviewing the complaints regarding Nursing Practice Act, Practice, behavior and Law violations by the licensee, and to apprise the Board about the violation investigation and findings.
The ex officio member to assist the division is appointed by the director and the appointed member must be a be a licensed registered nurse possessing a masters degree in nursing, and must have a experience of minimum of five years working in nursing administration or nursing education.
The member who is involved in the complaint investigation is not permitted the Division proceedings for complaints adjudication.

UT Board of Nursing Members

Utah Board of Nursing is created by the Division rules and Nurse Practice Act, and comprises of 11 Board members representing nursing profession and public. Out of eleven appointed Board members, six members must be registered nurses, two of whom must be involved in nursing education and other members include one licensed practical nurse, two advanced practice registered nurses and two members represent public. The Board members are required to execute duties and responsibilities as defined in the Section 58-1-202 and 58-1-203 of the Chapter of Nurse Practice Act.
Board Meetings

The Board meetings are open to the Public and any individual can subscribe to receive new public notices and notice updates by following two options of RSS (“Rich Site Summary” or “Really Simple Syndication”) format or by Emails.

Board Committee

The Board has also set of Education Committee that assists the Board on NCLEX exam, pass rates, education program and others. The Board also hears about the ADA accommodations during the meeting and duly informs the Division for the necessary actions.

The Division has the responsibility for completing all Licensing, Licensures, Renewal, Verification, Endorsements and regulation of certain occupations and professions.

Contact details Board of Nursing Utah:

Utah State Board of Nursing
Heber M. Wells Bldg., 4th Floor
160 East 300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Phone: (801) 530-6628
FAX: (801) 530-6511

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