The Predication of Admissions in Nursing Homes

Dementia due to depression or due to Alzheimer is common among the people. Those who suffer from cognitive impairment experience difficulties in carrying out their daily activities due to diminishing of various abilities, change in the emotional behavior and personality.

Other imbalances include acting indecently in front of the public, physically and verbally abusing and wandering aimlessly lead to nursing home admission.

Physical Disabilities

Mostly the old and the ailing suffer from physical disabilities and they are not able to carry out daily self care activities, which makes them, get admitted in the nursing homes. The daily self care activities of the patient include:

Drinking and Eating

Problem in speaking and hearing

Bathing and dressing

Physical movement

Uncontrolled discharge

Difficulties in walking

Less care giving

Other factors that lead to admission in nursing homes are due to indifference between the caregivers and the family members towards the patient. There is an indifferent behavior by the family members towards the impairment. The factors include:

Trapped in care taking responsibility

Stress while taking care of the elderly

Quality Nursing Home Care Services

Busy Time schedule

Financial Status



This trend is emerging fast as the close bond between the family and relatives is getting weaker day by day.