CNA Courses

It is a known fact that certified nurse aides are very important member of a health care team that comprises of nurses, physicians and health care professionals. They work under … Read

CNA License

Certified Nurses Aides, also commonly called as nurse assistants, nurse aides and hospital assistants are valuable member of multidisciplinary team, consisting of LPN, RN, physician and other health care professionals. … Read

LPN Salary

Salary of LPN

LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse has numerous job opportunities in the state of United States of America. The main job of the LPN is to take care … Read

LPN Duties

A licensed practical nurse is assigned the responsibility of taking care of the sick and suffering individuals in hospitals, private clinics and various other health care centers. The individuals can … Read

CNA to LPN: Training Curriculum

All the aspiring nurse aide individuals, desiring to have a flourishing career in the nursing and health care field are accessed with numerous options to groom their profession in the … Read

Qualifications of a Licensed Practical Nurse

Qualifications of a Licensed Practical Nurse

Firstly, it is essential to understand who actually is a LPN. LPN also known as Licensed Practical Nurse is one who looks after the … Read