Summary of CNA Resume

Considering your special skills an expertise that is helpful in your nursing career, it is very important that your CNA resume must contain in depth knowledge of your skills and experience.

As a CNA, your resume must clearly state out the type of individual you are and must emphasize on your knowledge, skills and experience.

The Basic Registered Nurse Resume

The resume format may vary depending upon the job profile, but a registered nurse resume should include most or all of the following categories



Work history


Professional affiliations (may be relevant in some jobs)



Along with the CNA resume one is required to give a CNA resume summary that must be written in proper format with separate headings. The CNA must start the resume summary with the contact details of the CNA job applicant, which required to be followed by the objective,  career goal and skills possessed by the nurse aides.

The nurse aide is required to highlight the professional summary that includes the various skills learned during the nurse aide training program. This summary also includes various skills and inborn qualities of the nurse aides.  A summary that is well written offers better job opportunities and job short listing.

Nursing is all about who you are and what you can do. Therefore, it is a prerequisite that your resume should reflect your ability to perform your job at the highest level and understanding the need of your patient. This only comes when you fulfill your nursing job to the best of your ability.