Qualifications of a Licensed Practical Nurse

Qualifications of a Licensed Practical Nurse

Firstly, it is essential to understand who actually is a LPN. LPN also known as Licensed Practical Nurse is one who looks after the patients under the stern guidance and administration of the registered nurse. A professional LPN can work in any of the Health care facility, such as nursing homes, hospitals, home health settings or even at the mental care institutions.

However, to work professionally and resourcefully as a PLN requires certain qualifications, which are listed below:

To become a LPN, it is necessary that you enroll for state-approved and accredited LPN training program, which are offered by numerous Community colleges, vocational or technical institutes etc. But, even for the enrollment, it is necessary that students to have a GED or a high school diploma. The duration of this LPN course takes about a year or so to complete.

During this LPN education, the students are trained in some of the major aspects of nursing, such as nutrition, physiology, infection control etc. the scholars are given practical clinical training in a neighboring nursing home or hospital.


Another part of the qualifications for a Licensed Practical Nurse is that after the training, he or she must clear the NCLEX-PN exam (National Council Licensure Examination). This examination is supervised and under the strict vigilance of National Council of State Boards of Nursing.
This exam has 4 different parts, physiology integrity, health maintenance and promotion, psychosocial integrity and finally the safe and effective care environment.

Therefore, once you fulfill the above qualifications, you can work professionally as a LPN.

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