Oklahoma Board of Nursing

Oklahoma Board of Nursing

Board of Nursing Oklahoma is a state regulatory agency located in Oklahoma with a purpose of safeguarding the public health, life and welfare by ensuring that the practicing nursing professionals are licensed, and are qualified and competent to practice. The Board regulates these Missions by regulating and enforcing state laws and regulations of Nurse Practice Act.

The Board also accomplish these responsibilities by regulating and evaluating the competency of the practicing professional, including practices of nurses, registered nursing, practical nursing, or advanced practice nursing in the state and through the regulation of licensure, unlicensed assistance certification and nursing education and by enacting the regulation for nursing education, nursing practice, nursing licensure and unlicensed assistance certification.

Composition of the Board

The board is composed of 11 board members representing six registered nurses, three licensed practical nurses, and two public members appointed by the governor for a serving term of five years and, public members serves co-terminously with the governor office. The Board officials constitute the President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer of the Board and they are elected annually.??An Executive Director is appointed by the Board, whose duties are also defined by the Board for the administration of the agency as required by the Oklahoma Statutes, Rules, Regulations and directives of the Board. The Board is further authorized to employ twenty-six full-time office bearers for different positions and an attorney as the Board’s primary counsel.
Board of Nursing Oklahoma Functions:
Monitoring, approval or disapproval nursing educational program for Licensure, practicing Certification to an advanced unlicensed assistive person and, implementation and enforcement of standard for these training programs.
Administer the NCLEX exam for RN and LPN
Offer services for Licensures and Certificates and renewal of Licensee.
Advanced Practice Nurses Certificate of Recognition Issue/renew
Advanced Practice Nurses Prescriptive Authority Recognition Issue/renew
Keep records for licensed nurses and advanced unlicensed assistive persons by following Open Records Act provisions for public inspection of the records.
Receive, Review, Investigate and take actions on complaints of the OK Nursing Practice Act and Rules of the Board violation.
Arrange Peer Assistance Program for drug abuse or dependency nurses.
Promulgate education and practice rules needed to protect the public.
Organize conferences, forums and studies, assume consultation and research on nursing education and practice.

OBN Online Services includes

Registration, Renewal and Verification of License
Address and Contact Change
Information on OBN
AUA Certification
Nursing Practice Act
Additional Services

The Contac details of OBN:

Oklahoma Board of Nursing ?2915 N Classen, Blvd. 524 ?Oklahoma, OK   73106 ?TEL: 405.962.1800 FAX: 405.962.1821
Email: obnwebmaster@nursing.state.ok.us