Nursing School Entrance Exam

It might be your ardent desire to get admission into a nursing school, because today health care field is only one sector, where you get employment easily, offers job stability and provide a broad field to choose different types of nursing jobs.



But, can you be sure that it is easy to get admission into a nursing school? The answer is negative because in United States, the admission into a nursing school has become very competitive and, you can find long waiting lists of the aspiring students willing to get admission in these schools, due to many applicants, limited seats and dearth of nursing educators.

Nursing schools offer you an opportunity to get into an entry level position and foot hold in the health care industry by preparing you for Licensed Practical Nurses or Registered Nurses. But to enroll in these programs, the first prerequisite of every nursing school is to clear Nursing School Entrance Exam.

These entrance tests evaluate your basic understanding of the courses that are essential for nursing field. In addition, you must also obtain certain required score in the exam for acceptance. The entrance score with other relevant requirements, such as GPA, and others, determine your candidacy for the admission in the nursing school.

The most common Nursing School Entrance Exam that is offered to aspiring nursing school admission student includes:

NET (Nursing Entrance Test)

The TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills)

The HESI (Health Education Systems, Inc.)

Registered Nurse Entrance Exam

Critical Thinking Entrance Exam,

It is essential for Pre-nursing students to find out from the concerned school, which Entrance test a student is required to appear and what is the minimum score needed to pass the test.

The knowledge of the subjects on which exam is based offers a chance to student get prepared in advance for the test. There are numerous study guides and tips are available both online and print. A student can also research on the net for Nursing Pre-Entrance Exam Online Course for advance entrance exam preparation. There are also many college book shops that have Entrance Exam guides, that might be very helpful in understanding and preparing the questions of Pre admission tests.

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