Nursing Care Plan

Nursing Care Plan

In order to provide quality care to patients nursing care plans are made. The nursing care plans help to define the nurses’ role in providing patient’s treatment, providing consistent care to the patients and allowing the various nursing teams to customize interventions for each and every patient. It has the role of providing holistic treatment for the patients and defining specific goals for the patients.

According to the nursing care plan
Assess your patient for the health problems
Try to collect all he information regarding the past history of the patient. Find out the types of diseases that are prevailing in the family. Learn about the living conditions of the patient and learn about the people who are there to care for the patient. Perform physical examination on the patient and review the medical records of the patient.

Figure out the problems
Carefully study the information gathered from the patients; make physical assessments and medical records of the patient. Search out for the information regarding the patient that shows the signs of the mental disturbances in the patients.  From these information figure out the actual factors that contribute to the problems of the patient.

Diagnose the patient
After examining the patient carefully write nursing diagnoses that you figure out then make a note of it and write it down in the statements related to.

Make sure you write in goals for your client that is based on the nursing diagnoses that you have written. Your goals should be realistic and more focused in solving the problems of your client. Your goals should be measurable so that you can identify whether you are able to reach it or not.

After intervention of your client, do a review to check whether your client has reached the goal set for them. If yes then, your nursing plan has become successful. If your client has not met some of the goals, you need to access your patient again. Make sure you write evaluation goals set for him or her.