Nursing Care plan by Nanda

Nursing Care plan by Nanda

In order to provide quality care to patients nursing care plans are made. The nursing care plans help to define the nurses’ role in providing patient’s treatment, providing consistent care to the patients and allowing the various nursing teams to customize interventions for each and every patient. It has the role of providing holistic treatment for the patients and defining specific goals for the patients.

The Nursing care plan primarily focuses on

• Actions that solve existing problems.
• Relation with the future.
• identifying health and nursing problems.

In recent times the nursing plan in the United States of America comprises of Nanda Nursing Diagnosis. The Nanda Nursing care plan comprises of subjective data that supports the nursing care and the final outcome of he nursing care plan.

The nursing care plan may provide desired results. The nursing diagnosis may be termed as a key to ensure the safety of the patients and meet their r3equirements. The electronic health record standardization in India is known as Nanda, NOC and NIC that is the best way top collect the nursing data. The nursing data is analyzed across various healthcare organizations. These require essential data for analysis, clinical audit and cost benefit.

The Nanda Nursing care Plan is formulated by all the data and collecting the data in a systematic manner. The nursing diagnosis includes specific evidence related factors that prompt for the diagnosis of the nurse aides. This diagnosis can be listed on the Nanda diagnosis list.

The Nanda nursing care plan comprises of Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, intervention and evaluation. After the diagnosis the nurse is required to set goals. After setting the goal the process of nursing shall be established. The objectives should be specific, should be easily understandable and implemented.

The evaluation should be carried out at the set goal date. It is used to find whether the goal is achieved or needs to be modified.