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According to various effective resources, the demand of the health and nursing care services is anticipated to rise in the near future. Consequently, the requirement of the several nursing and medical care professionals will also mount at a speedy pace. Moreover, in order to become a professional medical care expert, an aspiring nurse aide trainee is ought to complete a training schedule offered by an accredited nursing academy. One such accredited university is Kaplan University School of nursing, offering numerous learning and edifying courses in nursing care field.


In the current state of affairs, Kaplan is one of the chief edifying establishments all around the globe and an element of the Washington Post Company, granting opportunities to more than 3 million individuals to attain their academic objectives and professional goals, official certification, and also training in English language.

Several nursing and medical care schedules in pre certification and post certification level are offered by the Kaplan nursing and Kaplan university school of nursing. Presently, Kaplan nursing offers various programs including:

Training programs for the NCLEX-RN examination

Offer theoretical lecture based classroom schedule and online classes to nursing schools graduates in United States of America and overseas learned nurses.

A wide variety of online training schedules are also offered by the Kaplan university school of nursing, considered to fit different levels of experience and expert aims. If you already hold an active certification as a registered nurse looking to advance your career opportunities or an extremely experienced nurse seeking nurse administration, consulting, or edification rankings, then the Kaplan University offers you the most excellent program schedules to advance to the next level. The availability of the numerous online courses provides flexibility to aide you to manage your schedule, schooling, and profession.

Kaplan Nursing Programs

Family Nurse Practitioner Credential

Nurse Administrator Graduate Certificate

Nurse Educator Graduate Certificate

MS in Nursing (adult nurse practitioner, family nurse practitioner, nurse educator, nurse administrator, and informatics specializations)

RN to MS in Nursing Field

Nurse Informatics Graduate Certificate

RN to BS in Nursing Field

Adult Nurse Practitioner Credential

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