Nursing Board of Hawaii for Assured Success

Nursing Board of Hawaii for Assured Success

Health is wealth and hence it has to be maintained in such a way that it becomes the reason for not only an individual’s progress but for the development of the whole nation. The nursing board of education in Hawaii is working in the direction of promoting awareness and health education to the individuals so that it can progress in every possible way.


The various functions performed by the Hawaii nursing education board are as under:

The board controls all licensing requirements and verifications for almost 47 different vocational courses

The board is responsible for handling various applications, renewing certifications, providing licensures and various other related facilities to individuals

Also, the organization works towards complete implementation of all rules and regulations as well as manages various nursing institutes running all over the state

Curriculum for education of nursing is also designed by the nursing board and all the institutes are guided to follow the instructions and guidelines set by the state department of health

It is mandatory for all the nursing institutes to provide clinical training facilities to the applicants in order to prepare them for the actual work place environment

The board of nursing education in Hawaii is divided into following 4 branches:

Licensing Branch:

The branch is responsible for 2 kinds of work, application section and records section

The application section performs the duty of collecting, verifying and maintenance of various licensure applications

The records section is used to keep a database related to the number of students and so on.

Real Estate branch:

Performs the work of real estate administration and licensure requirements

It also provides help in conducting various research programs in the field of real estate

Administration branch:

This branch is responsible for organizing, handling, coordinating and preparing for various board meetings

Various international as well as national affairs are handled by this branch

Examination branch:

The examination section has the duty of conducting various examinations, checking the validity of certifications, issuing licensures and other related things to the individuals.

In short, it can be concluded from all these points that all these branches are working for the development of the heath facilities of the state thereby ensuring jolly and affluent lives to the citizens of Hawaii.