Nursing Aide Training Program in Maryland

Nursing Aide Training Program in Maryland

Maryland, also known as the “Little America”, has a great demand for polished and qualified nursing assistant. But, it is mandatory for the entire nursing assistant of the state to first fulfill the following prerequisites:


Completing the CNA training program in Maryland, this is not only accredited but also state-approved.

Followed by the training, clearing the CNA certification examination (written and practical tests).

One should be at least 16 years of age.

One must clear the criminal background check and one must not have any kind of infectious disease, such as TB.

All the nursing assistants also need to submit their fingerprints.

The Advisory Committee is developed specially to regulate and manage the CNA training programs in the state of Maryland. A total of 100 hours of nursing training is provided to the students, which consist of classroom lectures and hands-on clinical training. During this training, the teachers make sure that their nursing scholars are trained perfectly in every little nursing and clinical technique, such as:

Basic Nursing Cares

Communication and interpersonal skills.

Assisting the patients in their daily routine, such as dressing, feeding, grooming, bathing etc.

Emergency procedures.

Nutrition and infection control.

Clean rooms, change bed covers and change bed pans

Checking and measuring the vital signs of the patients, such as temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, etc.

The completion of the nursing aide training program in Maryland make students eligible for appearing in the CNA state evaluation test. Clearing this test will result in CNA certification, which will list the graduates as a professional nursing assistant at the Maryland Nurse Aide Registry.

A resourceful Certified Nursing Assistant can work in hospitals, nursing homes, mental care institutions and home health settings. The starting salary of a CNA in the state of Maryland comes out to be approximately $23,000 annually, which could increase depending on the experience and the location of the job.

It is essential that a CNA must be compassionate person with polite manner to serve the suffering patients. They must also boost morals of patients and family members and provide them moral support.

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