North Dakota Board of Nursing

Board of Nursing North Dakota was created in 1915 after passing of a law by legislative assembly to govern the nurses’ registration. Again in 1947,
Legislative assembly passed a law governing practical nurses and subsequently a Nurse Practices Act was passed in the 1977 legislative assembly. The law was further amended in 1995 by the assembly to define nursing and, for nursing practice requirements and governor was entrusted with the authority to appoint a board of nursing to implement the law.

ND Nursing Board Features

The Board is located in Bismarck, ND and in accordance to the law and Nurse Practice Act, the Board constitute of 9 Board (Nine) members, representing various nursing profession and public. The members are appointed by the Governor to the Board. Of the 9 appointed board members, 5 members represent registered nurses, 3 belongs to licensed practical nurses, and one public member.

Election Board Members

Each appointed board member has a serving term of 4 years and the appointment of public member coincides with the election of the governor. The members can not be elected for more than two consecutive terms.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Board

ND Nurse Practice Act has entrusted the responsibility on the Board to regulate regulations of the Practice Act, where the Board has to ensure that no individual must be permitted to practice or offer to practice nursing or use titles of advanced practice registered nurse, specialty nurse, registered nurse, LPN, or unlicensed assistive person, or titles of a similar nature

The Board shall regulate the Nurse Practice Act practice regulations and must ensure that a person may not practice or offer to practice nursing to the general public or use titles of advanced practice registered nurse, specialty practice registered nurse, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or unlicensed assistive person, or titles of a similar nature, unless the person is licensed or registered as required by the provisions incorporated in the chapter of the Act.

Mission and Goal

The basic mission and aim of the ND Nursing Board is to regulate the license, certification and practice of RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and medication assistants and provide them timely information and knowledge that can assist them to comply with the laws and rules of the state.

Accordingly, the Board provides the required information of the Board, board members, bylaws and policies of the Board, license verification resources and updates through the website of the Boards. The specific reason that can be cited for offering this information is to assist these practicing nurses in providing the quality and competent patient care to ND citizens.

Board of Nursing North Dakota went paperless in 2010, where the electronic system is implemented and, eliminated offering of wallet card; for renewal of a license, license for successful passing of the NCLEX, and for license endorsement. The Board’s online services are provided for online license verification and issue of all temporary permits.

Services ND Board of Nursing

Nurse Practices Act
Administrative Rules & Regulations
CNA Testing
Criminal History Record Check
Complains & Discipline procedures
Education Programs and Schools information, requirements, standards, approval & disapproval
Licensure and Licensing requirements
Practice Statements
Licensee Practice and Practice standards
Unlicensed Assistive Person & Medication Assistant
Workplace Impairment Program

Online Services

Updates Verify Permits
Licenses application status check, license renewal & Verifications
Discipline History
Name/Address Change
Licensure (RN, LPN, APRN, SPRN)
License: by Exam, by Endorsement
Unlicensed Assistive Person/ Medication Aide

Contact details of the Board:

North Dakota Board of Nursing
919 South 7th Street, Suite 504
Bismarck, ND
Ph: 58504-5881

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