New York Board of Nursing

Board of Nursing New York is a state regulatory agency, located in Albany, NY and regulates specific licenses for practice within the nursing profession in the state of New York and they include Licensure for Registered Professional Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse and Nurse Practitioner.

Composition of the Board of Nursing NY

The Board is composed of 15 members from nursing profession and 2 members represent public. Nursing professional members include 11 licensed registered professional nurses and 4 Licensed Practical Nurses. All licensed members of the Board must be licenses and practicing in the NY state for at least five years prior to their appointment.

Board of regents appoints the Board members on recommendation of the commissioner to assist the board of Regents and department for carrying out their professional licensing and professional conducts effectively. Even a state resident registered professional nurse executive secretary is appointed by Regents on the recommendation of the commissioner.

Board of Regents

Board of Regents of New York citizen has been striving continuously since 1891 for safeguarding public, preparing competent professionals and maintaining fairness for all professionals. The sixteen Regents of the Board represent all New York regions. Each year more than 54,000 new licenses are granted by the Regents to the qualified professionals, together with registration of 733,000 professionals every 2 or 3 years. The Regents also receives and conducts investigation of over 7,000 professional practice and misbehavior misconduct complaints every year. Currently there are around 320,000 registered nurses or licensed practical nurses in the New York state.

NY Board of Nursing Services
Licensure for RN, LPN & Nurse Practitioner – Application and Forms including License Application, Verification, Duplicate License Request Form, License Renewal, Endorsement, Temporary Permit and Reinstatement of Licenses and Reporting of a Lost License
Contact and Address Change
Laws, Rules & Regulations
Practice Alerts & Guidelines
Training Child Abuse for Registered Nurses.
Infection Control Training for RNs and Licensed Practical Nurses
Nursing Education including, Scholarships, Grants & Loans  and Nursing Programs
License Data Base
Consumer Information
Board’s Contact Information
General Customer Service
License Requirements RN & LPN

There are also certain requirements that must be completed for earning the RN or LPN License, such as filing an application for licensure and the other forms as required along with the appropriate fee, minimum age, high school diploma or GED, meeting education requirement and additional necessities.

Contact detail of Board of Nursing New York:

New York State Board of Nursing
Education Bldg.?89 Washington Avenue?2nd Floor West Wing?Albany, NY 12234
Phone: 518.474.3817, Ext. 120?Fax: 518.474.3706
Telephone hours are from 8:30am to 4:45 pm,
Monday through Friday, excluding holidays

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