New Mexico Board of Nursing

Board of Nursing New Mexico is a state regulatory agency located in Albuquerque, NM, with an aim of safeguarding the safety, health and welfare of NM citizens by licensing and certifying Nurses and certificate holders.


The Mission of the Board include, administering and enforcement of regulation of nursing care and services for the protection of public safety.


The Vision of the Board is to provide Excellence in Regulatory Practice

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals of the NM Nursing Board is to Advance Nursing Systems for the protection of Public safety, health and welfare, and to offer Maximize Effectiveness in Customer Service
The Board ensures that these goals can be achieved by regulating licensee professional practice, education programs for licensees and certificate holders, receive complaints and conduct disciplinary actions on licensees and certificate holders for violation of Nurse Practice Act and law.

Composition of Board Members

Board of Nursing New Mexico comprises of 7 Board members, representing both nursing profession nursing and public. There are 3 RN, 2 Public Member, 1 Physician and one MSN on the board. Board members are appointed by the governor and they are accountable to the governor for regulating and enforcement of the Nursing Practice Act and Law. The Board is also required to meet at least once every three months.
Advisory Committee of the Board
The NM Board of Nursing has also set up seven (7) advisory committees and one active subcommittee. The function of these committees is to assist the Board in carrying out its functions and activities. The Committee Members are appointed by the Board and all functioning of the advisory committee are subject to Board’s approval.

Disciplinary Actions

The Board has been entrusted with the authority to deny, revoke, or suspend, reprimand, any license or certificate held or applied for, or place a license or certificate on probation if the licensee or certificate holder is found to be in violation of Nurse Practice Act, behavior or Law. The Board is to authorize to investigate or conduct hearings and take appropriate actions it deemed fit, if it is found the actions of the licensee or certificate holder is endangering the public safety and welfare.

Services NM Board of Nursing:

NM Board of Nursing provides various services for Application, Forms and Information and they include:

License / Certificate Status Check
Application for LPN/RN Examination, LPN/RN Re-Examination, Initial Advanced Practice Licensure and Endorsement,
License / Certificate Verification
Name/Address/Residency Change
Fingerprint Cards
Nursing Excellence Fund
Student Internship
Annual Report
Disciplinary Actions
Additional Services

The New Mexico Board of Nursing has also stopped issuing of hard copy licenses or duplicate licenses from Jan 1, 2009.

On-line License/Certificate Lookup is offered by the Board for License renewal and verification.

The Board of Nursing does not regulate CNAs and instead they are regulated by the Department of Health in Santa Fe.

The contact details of New Mexico Board of Nursing:

The Board of Nursing New Mexico?6301 Indian School Road NE?Suite 710?Albuquerque, NM 87110?505.841.8340 phone?505.841.8347 fax

OFFICE HOURS:?8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday except Holidays