Nevada Board of Nursing

Nevada  Board of Nursing

Board of Nursing Nevada is the state government regulatory agency located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Board is established by law and NV Nurse Practice Act to protect Public Health and welfare of NV citizens by regulating the practice of Nurses in the state through licensing, education and competency evaluation.

NV Nursing Board Features

The board members represent members from nursing profession and public, and they are appointed by the Governor. The board is composed of 7 members including, three registered nurses, one licensed practical nurse (LPN), one certified nursing assistant (CNA) and one member represent health care field and one consumer member. The registered nurse member must be from administration, education and advance practitioner of Nursing

The appointed members must be resident of the state of Nevada for minimum 2 years prior to appointment and a citizen of United States of America..

Board Mission

The mission of the Nevada State Board of Nursing is to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of NV citizens through implementation and enforcing of nursing regulations and provisions as mandated by Nurse Practice Act and Law.

It is the responsibility of the Board the board continuously to promote quality and safe health of its citizen by approving the competent and qualified individuals to practice nursing and by implementing standards and effective regulations for competent practice.

The Board and  its advisory committee adopts and administer standards in Nevada for nursing professional, nursing practice and nursing education, and for licensure, certification, licensing education programs and practicing of CNAs, LPNs, RNs and advance speciality nurses.

Board’s Disciplinary Actions

NV Board of Nursing is also authorized to receive and impose sanctions on the practice and conduct complains of the Licensee for the violation of Nurse Practice Act and Law.

Before taking the disciplinary action of suspending or revoking any license or certificate or conducting other disciplinary actions, the Board is required to file an administrative complaint against the licensee or holder of the certificate, where the licensee will be informed in writing about the charges leveled and same will be delivered to the licensee along with a copy of the administrative complaint.

The Board has authority to conduct the investigation and conduct the hearing delegated to a hearing officer, who after completion of hearing, report the Board about the findings. On the basis of the hearing report, the Board will take the disciplinary action it deem necessary.

NE board of Nursing Services

The Board offers various types of services related to Licensure and Certification, Practice and Discipline, Education and Continuing Education, Consumers and Administrative Services.

Advisory Committees of the NV Board of Nursing

The Board has also set up various Advisory Committees and they include:

Advanced Practice Advisory Committee
CNA Advisory Committee
Disability Advisory Committee
Education Advisory Committee
Nursing Practice Advisory Committee.
Contact details of the Nevada State Board of Nursing:

For RN/LPN Licensure, CNA Certification, Education, CE, Practice Questions and Fingerprint Capture:

Board of Nursing Nevada
2500 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 207?Las Vegas, NV 89102-4392
Phone: (702) 486-5800?(888) 590-6726 (toll free)
Fax (702) 486-5803

For Administration, Investigations and Discipline, RN/LPN/CNA Renewals?Advanced Practice Certification, Practice Questions and Fingerprint Capture

Board of Nursing Nevada
5011 Meadowood Mall Way, Suite 300?Reno, Nevada 89502-6547
Phone: (775) 687-7700?(888) 590-6726 (toll free)
Fax (775) 687-7707
Phone: Compliance Coordinator (775) 687-7729

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)
Monday – Friday
Board is closed on the holidays:

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