Montana Board of Nursing

Board of Nursing Montana is a state agency located in Helena, MT to regulate, develop and administer rules for licensing, nursing education and nursing professionals practice.

Boards Goal

The basic goal of the Board is to identify and implement the changes in the health care environment related nursing practice, nursing education, legislative changes, budgetary monitoring, participation in the National Council of State Boards of Nursing activities and evaluation of the Nurses Assistance Program.

MT Board of Nursing consists of 9 members that represent nursing profession and public. Of the 9 Board members, 4 appointed members represent Registered Nurse Member, 3 Licensed Practical Nurses and 2 members are appointed from Public. The Governor appoints all Board members for a serving term of 4 years.

Statue & Administrative Rules of the Board

The Board has been established to implement statues, which are laws passed by the Legislature, covering all professional and occupational licensing.

Administrative Rules that related to nursing and medication aides are written, prepared, and adopted by the Board. The authority to write rules has been granted by the Legislature for the implementation of Laws effectively. The Board has also set of various committees to receive suggestions for reviewing and modifying rules to meet the required changes and to make Rules more effective. The changes of the rules do not pass through the Legislative process but goes through the rule making process of the Board. The frequent reviews by the Board of Nursing Home Administrators are carried on to effect needed changes.

In addition, the Board is also authorized to regulate nursing profession and licensing by decision making policy and implementing standards established by the board for licensure and practice.

Any nursing professional aiming to practice in MO State must be licensed and should apply to MO Board of Nursing for Licensure The Board before granting the Licensure ensures that the practice competency of the applicant is thoroughly evaluated and requirements of the Board is duly met, which includes mandated education and testing standard set by the Board.

Services MO Board of Nursing

Licensing Information:

Clinical Nurse Specialty – APRN & PSYCH
APRN – Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse Practitioner & Nurse Midwife
Licensed Practical Nurse
Registered Nurse
Licensed Medication Aide
Application for Medication Aide Instructor, Medication Aide Program and Prescriptive Authority
Information on License Renewal
Check Licensed Status
Download Licensees
The Board provides various types of Forms, such License Application Forms, Renewal Forms, APRN Audit and additional forms for address change, APRN Practice Change, CNA Program, Medication Aide License renewal and others and they can be download online. Online service is also offered for License verification.

The board also provides information and services for various types of the education programs and Continuing Education information and Rules.
The mission of the Board of Nursing Montana is to protect the life, health and welfare of MO citizen by developing, regulating, administrating and enforcing the licensing standard for the competency of the practicing nursing professionals and by regulating the practice to safeguard and promote the quality health care. The Board takes needed actions against licensee for unprofessional, incompetent, or unlawful practice to fulfill its mission.
Board Committee
The Board has also set various committees for review, recommendation and change of rules and they include:
Nursing Education Committee
APRN & Practice Committee
Screening Committee for Disciplinary actions

Starting Jan 01, 2011- The Board has mandated that the renewal of RNs and LPNs by Dec 31, 2012.licenses will require 24 contact hours of continuing education.

The contact information of Board of Nursing Montana:
Board of Nursing Home Administrators?301 South Park , 4th Floor ?P.O. Box 200513?Helena, MT 59620-0513?Fax: (406) 841-2305?E-mail: