LPN Duties

A licensed practical nurse is assigned the responsibility of taking care of the sick and suffering individuals in hospitals, private clinics and various other health care centers. The individuals can join any of the training centers for achieving complete education and can pass the certification examination to obtain licensure.


There are numerous colleges which offer nursing classes. These classes help to train the nursing students in the various skills. Following are some of the topics covered by the nursing classes which later on become LPN duties at their work places.

  • Analyzing the reports of the patients and reporting them to the supervising nurse.
  • Assisting the registered nurses and physicians directly.
  • Providing medication and sterilizing procedures to the candidates.
  • Testing the glucose levels of patients
  • Geriatric care
  • Clinical skills and fundamentals of nursing
  • Taking care of the sick patients.
  • Maintaining hygienic environment around the patients
  • Keeping a check on the vital signs of the patients such as temperature, blood pressure and pulse.
  • Maintaining health history of the patients
  • Giving injections to the patients after proper investigations.

After the completion of these classes, one has to clear the certification exam of nursing.

These classes will not only help in your career in the medical field but will also reward you with impressive salary packages. A professionally trained nurse can work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, mental care institutions or any such health care facility and earn livelihood for himself as well as his family.

Hence, the nursing careers are quite beneficial for a booming career and a reliable and secured future.

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