LPN Degree online

LPN Degree online

Are you interested in taking up the medical profession? Before getting started you are required to analyze yourself and decide your future aim. You are required to set your priorities first. Nursing is considered as the most reputable and successful profession. Health care facilities and medical centers have a high demand of high demand of registered nurses and LPNs.

LPNs are required to perform administrative and clinical operations under the guidance and supervision of registered nurses or doctors.

LPNs are required to schedule appointments, maintain medical records, check vital signs of patients and administer medication. Those

LPNs who have years and year of experience usually opt for some transition program to move their career higher.

The LPN certificate program is a one year full time certificate program. The LPN Certificate programs include academic coursework as well as fundamentals of nursing. Students are also required to take up practical training instructions which can be carried out in hospitals and health care facilities.
LPN program graduates can earn a license by taking up the License exam for practical Nurses. They are required to take up NCLEX-PN exam. The course structure includes
Essentials of medication administration
Mental health nursing
Pediatric nursing
Medical surgical nursing
The National Association of Practical Nurse Education is the organization that accredits the online courses for LPNs who wish to continue their education. This organization offers several courses to meet the LPN recertification criteria. It offers an online course that allows the students to learn the courses more effectively. This course helps the students to earn contact hours. The hourly cost of the program is $2 to $35. The salary of a licensed practical nurse is lower as compared to the salary of a registered nurse. Those LPNs who have a working experience of four years and more earn a salary of $23,000. Those who wish to work as LPN nurse are required to successfully complete the LPN certificate program. LPNs wishing to pursue a career in the medical sector can also take up the LPN to RN program, which is offered by junior colleges and technical schools. LPN to bachelor of nursing program (BSN) is also available for those who want to upgrade their education and get a better salary.

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