Information about Nursing Board in Arkansas

The nursing education board of Arkansas has many responsibilities out of which the most important is to ensure a healthy and joyful life to its citizens so that the state can progress in every field with the help of its man power.


Some of the important features and information about the nursing education board in Arkansas is mentioned below:

The board was established in 1913 by the legislature of Arkansas

The mission of the organization till then is to provide superior health services to the citizens of the state by encouraging more and more hospitals and health care facilities to individuals

In addition to this, the board also provides guidelines and rules and regulations to the nurses as well as nursing assistants and the institutes of nursing in the state regarding their duties and responsibilities as a part of state.

Various functions performed by the nursing board of Arkansas are as under:

There are approximately 47,000 licenses being issued by the organization in the categories such as technician, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, advance nursing aides and so on.

Conducting certification and licensure examination for aspiring candidates

Declaring results of the examination as soon as possible

Providing facility of verification of the certification or licensure

Besides these, there are several 24 hours online services also that are provided by the nursing board of Arkansas. Some of them include:

Renewal of license or certification: The professionals working as certified nursing assistants or licensed nurses in various hospitals can renew their licensure by filling the online application forms provided by the Arkansas Board

Order for Duplicate license: The individuals have the facility for ordering for a copy of their license on loosing the previous one

Results and other schedules: The examination results can be checked online from the website of the nursing board of education in Arkansas. Moreover, the students can also look for the tentative schedules for different examinations related to nursing

Contact and address information: If the candidates have undergone any address change then they can update their information by using the online address change facility of the board.

The nursing education board of Arkansas manages all its duties in the best possible ways and hence the individuals interested in making career in the field of nursing in this state can enjoy a bright and secured future.