Independent Nurse Contractor

If you are fond of traveling to distant places or working in different types of health care settings on contractual basis, you can become an Independent Nurse Contractor (INC), but for that, you must be a registered nurse. Travel Nurses come in the category of such type of nurses and they are directly employed by the health care provider. The working in a contractual basis allows them to choose their work, client and settings, and time when they actually want to get employed. They also charge on an hourly basis for the nursing services provided by them.

INC Work Setting

As an Independent Nurse Contractor, you can work in various types of work settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, long term care units, home health care agencies, outpatient clinics, offices of the physicians and other health care settings that are facing acute shortage of nurses.

You must also remember that currently, the United States of America is passing through the qualified nursing shortages and the situation is more sever in under-served areas, distant locations, rural areas or facilities facing shortages or unable to retain qualified nurses. In such scenario, the importance of the Independent Nurse Contractor can be best understood for filling the gap of the nursing shortages.

INC Work Duties

The duties performed by the Independent Nurse Contractor are identical to responsibilities performed by the registered nurses and depend upon the job description of their specific employment and setting. For example in nursing homes, their duties are more concentrated to caring elderly patients, who are there for long term cares. In hospitals their duties are related to the departments they are employed, and as a home health care they are required to provide cares to patients recovering from long illness, patients with disabilities or elderly patients. They are mostly self-employed and works where health care provider contract them to work.

Their common duties include, measuring vital signs, preparing health care plans, administering medications, procure the medical history of the patients, diagnose the illness, disease or injuries and assess, monitor their condition and recovery, document, counsel patients on healthy lifestyles and provide other required cares.

Independent Nurse Contractor Education

The initial step to become an INC is to complete an ASN or BSN program for a Bachelor degree and appear for the NCLEX-RN Exam. The passing of the exam will award you a License and you will be registered as a Registered Nurse. The clinical setting training provides you the required skills for nursing cares or you can gain more experience by working in traditional hospitals, health clinics or other health care settings for the certain period of time to gain the required health care experience.

In addition, you can further pursue advance studies for certifications in critical, intensive and emergency room nursing, which can provided added qualification to you and brighten up your job opportunities with lucrative salary. ;

Independent Nurse Contractor Salary

The salary offered to an INC is different to what is offered to a registered nurse. In addition to the salary, they are also paid additional benefits such as accommodation, insurance, traveling allowances and others.

The average salary earned by these nurses comes to around $ $52,450 to $72,500 depending upon the health care provider, education and certification, working experience and job locations.

The nursing shortages of the qualified nurses have greatly increased their demand and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected demand growth will be around 22 per cent in between 2008 to 2018, which also shows the excellent employment opportunities in this field of nursing.

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