Illinois CNA Registry

If nursing field career is your goal, you must remember that the initial employments in the health care field can only be offered if you can meet state and federal requirements to practice in a variety of health care settings. The initial level of direct care jobs are offered to certified nurse aides.

In the state of Illinois, any applicant for nursing jobs must meet certain requirements that can get them registered with the Illinois CNA Registry and grant them CNA license.

Illinois Nurse Aide Registry is located at Illinois Department of Public Health Care Worker Registry, 525 W. Jefferson Street, Springfield, IL 62761. The registry is maintained by the Department of Public Health.

Requirements to get listed in the IL Nurse Aide Registry

The important requirements that need to be completed to get listed with the registry include:

  • Successfully complete state and OBRA-87 approved IL CNA Training Program
  • Appear and pass the state offered competency evaluation test.
  • ¬†Apply to get listed with the registry.
  • Criminal history background check of Illinois State Police showing free from any criminal history or convictions.
  • Must be free from abuse, neglect or misprinted property in Illinois or in other states of America.
  • Must be at least 16 years old.
  • ¬†Should be able to understand, write and speak English.
  • Must have completed 8 grade school educations.

If you meet above requirements, you will be registered with the Illinois CNA Registry and the listing also paves the way for your CNA Licensure and permission to work in varied health care settings.

You must also remember that the state of Illinois has made it necessary that any applicant to the Registry must be fully qualified to offer safe and quality cares to IL citizens and safeguard public health.

In addition, the state law also requires that once you are employed as a nurse aide, you must get registered with the IL Nurse Aide Registry and students who are currently pursuing their training program, must apply to get listed with the Registry within 120 days of completing their training program and passing of the competency evaluation test.

For further information, the applicants can also visit, online website of IDPH.

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