How to Get into Nursing School

The steady growth of population, increase of ageing population, baby boomers, economic recession and scarcity of jobs, and  nursing shortage all over United States have made the career in health industry very attractive. More and more individuals are making beeline to get into nursing schools to obtain diploma, certificate and degrees to get easy recruitments in health care industry. But the question that might be intriguing you is, “How to Get into Nursing School”?


You must understand that it is not so easy to get admission into a nursing school. There are certain admission requirements that have to be completed before you are actually allowed to enroll for any programs that you are aiming to attend.

Though different nursing schools have their own admission and pre admission prerequisites but few common requirements needed by the most of the nursing schools include:

Minimum school prescribed  SAT score

English, algebra, geometry, chemistry and biology must be high school course work

Submit a copy of High School Diploma or GED qualification

Criminal Background Check

Pre Admission -Completion of courses, such as Anatomy and Physiology, Sociology and English composition from any accredited college or University

Pass Pre Admission Exam or Entrance Test with minimum required score, which might be 7% to 80%

Applicants undergo immunizations tests.

Students from out of the country or F1 Visa are needed to clear with International Advisor, VA/Financial Aid Advisor before starting of the classes.

The next step for your admission is to apply early for the admission and meet the admission deadline of the school. You must keep all prerequisites required by the school ready because it is essential that you meet the admission criteria as demanded by the school.

Once you have collected all pre admission required documents, complete the applicant’s Application and submit all relevant documents with the completed Application form.

You must also understand that each school has their own Application fees, which must be paid.

In addition, you must also remember that these days more and more schools want applicants to posses’ certification for first aid, CPR or even a CNA license as pre condition for the admission. You must also get the necessary resources like school attire, shoes and others, the details of which can be availed from school brochure.

Once, you have met all necessary requirements, you can sit for the interview, clear the interview and get ready for the enrollment by paying tuition and other fees as demanded by the school.