Home Health Care Nurse

If you are a registered nurse and aiming to pursue your nursing career independently, you can practice as a Home Health Care Nurse. You can work with the patients in their home and your job will be either for a long term care for months or it may be for a temporary basis.

Home Health Care Nurse Job Description

In homes you will have to provide cares to patients who are recovering from long illness, complex injuries, recovering from critical and chronicle ailments, elderly patients, patients with genetic disorders, disable and/or limited mobility. Your job may also consists of offering everyday routine cares to mental and/or physical disabilities patients or manage their medication schedule, counsel patients on their treatment and care procedures, care for rehabilitating patients, recovering from critical illness and injuries, and educate family members on old age patients caring. You may work independently or you may be employed through the home health care agencies. In addition, you will have to prepare home patient care plan and manage their pain management schedule.

You must remember that the popularity for the home health nurse is on the rise, as people are finding it difficult to manage their office along with the visit in the hospitals for their near family members taking long term care in the long term care units, nursing homes and hospitals. In addition, the patients also do not feel comfortable staying in these facilities for long because the hospitals do not offer same comfort that can be availed by staying in the home..

Qualities needed of HHCN

As a home health care, you must be skillful, compassionate and sensitive because in homes you may come across with families with different cultural values and traditions which you will have to respect while offering cares. In addition you must also posses’ excellent communication and interpersonal skills because you will be with the patient for long, which needs forming strong bond and provide them emotional support. Therefore, you must also bear the quality of critical thinking, must be able to coordinate with patient and family members, assess the ailment and cares, document the care plan and procedures. You must also specialize and have patience in caring children with disabilities and interact with the physician and pharmacist for the care management.

Home Health Nurse Education

Pharmacology is the important part of your education and you must be familiar with variety medications and correct dose because, while caring a patient in home, you must be well versed with the medications that were administered to the patient in the clinical settings.

In order to practice as a home health care nurse, you must be a licensed registered nurse. You must complete a diploma program, associate or baccalaureate bachelor program and obtain a degree. The earning of the degree also makes you eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam for the License.

In addition, some health care jobs also require you to obtain a MSN Degree and purse advance studies for specialty or sub specialty certification in geriatric, pediatric or hospice nursing for advance level of cares. You must also obtain certification for CPR and Basic Life Support (BLS).

Home Health Care Nurse Salary & Job Prospect

As a HHCN, you can earn a salary of around $45,500 to $72,500 depending on your education, job location and experience. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for the home health care nurse will see a growth of 33 per cent, in between 2008 to 2018.

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