Frankford Hospital School of Nursing

This esteemed Frankford Hospital School of Nursing was established in the year of 1904 and it is also recognized by the name of Aria Health School of Nursing. It is located in Northeast Philadelphia, just near the Frankford Hospital. This hospital was begun under the administration of Anna C. Garrett, who was the first control of the Frankford hospital. She basically aimed to provide the nursing aspirants with top-notch nursing education.


Currently, this school of nursing has around more than 2,500 students. Frankford Hospital School of Nursing has grown to a higher level over the years and it continues to offer quality nursing education and diploma courses to the students in the Delaware valley.

Nursing Diploma

The Aria Health School of Nursing offers Nursing diploma, whose duration is approximately 2 years, 10 months program. This program comprises of topics, such as humanities, liberal arts, elective topics and science. Sixty four credits are provided along with highest of seventy three credits are to be earned by the means of other elective courses.

This nursing program has 3 levels, comprises of classroom instruction along with the hands-on clinical training, which focuses on the achievement of the nursing skills and practicing in any of the long term medical care facilities. As soon as the students are awarded the nursing diploma, they need to clear the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Exam). The Aria Health School of Nursing has its association with Pennsylvania State University since 1970. It also permits the scholars to finish up the regular course for a registered nurse diploma at this prestigious School of Nursing.

The Aria Health School of Nursing also offers the students to go for the additional Associate degree in arts & sciences, letters along with their regular RN course. The school offers maximum of 80 credits for Associate Degree that could be totally transmitted to BSN degree program.

However, before enrolling, the Aria Health School of Nursing has some prerequisites, which need to be fulfilled by the students. These requirements are listed below:

Firstly, one needs to clear the ATI TEAS entrance exam.

One must have a high school diploma or GED.

At least C grade along with the score of 1200 or more in SAT (with at least 400 in each section).

One must complete the chemistry intro lab course.

Score of 400 in each- anatomy and physiology I & II, English 101 &102.

Aria Health School of nursing program is fully accredited by NLNAC.

Contact Details

Aria Health School of Nursing

Address: 4918 Penn Street,

Philadelphia, PA 19124-2696
Phone no. : 215-831-6740

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