Ethical Issues of Nursing

Ethical Issues of Nursing

The nursing students face a lot of ethical issues during their clinical training. These issues may be at times specific to nursing and the rest are the issues which the students face. Nursing students are required to understand theses issues and they need to know to turn for assistance while making difficult decisions.

Ethics in Education

The nursing students have ethical concerns such as, cheating. These kind of ethical issues disturb the nursing students from the beginning of the education till graduation.

Informed Consent

The nurses need to have a secure consent before a procedure needs to be done on a patient. There may be a risk that the nurse might do not know how to carry out a procedure to obtain consent. In many cases a nurse might be afraid to get the consent to perform the procedure upon the instruction of the nurse.

Forgery in Documentation

It is a serious ethical issue. This includes copying a signature without actually completing the process on the paper. A nursing student may be asked to complete a process as dictated on the paper.  The nursing students may be asked to make notes on the chart. It is also considered as an act of document forgery. This may cause difficulty in treating the patient.

Find help

The nurse aides must remember the fact that their instructors are the same they were before. This helps the nurse aides to discuss the ethical issues and moral fights that they might be experience. So they may find the required help from their instructors itself.