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If you are thinking about a career as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) and you live in one of the 36 cities around the United States where the American Red Cross offers CNA Training classes, you should definitely look into this opportunity. Red Cross CNA Training offers one of the most respected CNA training programs amongst other medical education providers in the country.

Red Cross CNA training is compliant with several of the state and federal requirements, and each of the various training programs throughout the US is specifically designed to meet unique standards set per state. These standards vary from state to state, and include things such as the ratio of study time and hands-on time that every student gets to experience. Depending on your state, those requirements can vary by as much as fifty training hours. Course hours are divided into laboratory practice, classroom lectures, and real training experience in a local clinic or hospital. Often, the Red Cross CNA training is conducted in a hospital environment or a nursing home.

Red Cross CNA training is provided in special classrooms that are specifically designed to deal with hands-on practical experience. Most classes have real hospital beds, practice dummies, hoyer lifts, wheelchairs, and almost every other piece of equipment that a student needs to familiarize themselves with, to manage and handle the variety of tasks that are to be expected from a nursing assistant. These jobs can be anything,  from  moving patients from a chair to their bed (and back again), taking a patient’s pulse and checking their other vital signs, using the lift to move patients, providing help with basic things like ,bathing and  and dental cleaning for a patient, grooming the patient, and assisting with feeding and washing. These are just a few examples.

The American Red Cross is proud of the fact that the Red Cross CNA training is extensive and well fast-paced. Where most other nursing assistant courses can take up to six or more months of study, the Red Cross CNA training program is setup in such a a way that its students typically graduate, get certified, and join the medical health-care workforce in under than 8 weeks from the beginning of the training program. Red Cross CNA training graduates can be found in the entire country, working at some of the best hospitals, nursing homes, and even private home-health agencies that the United States have to offer.

Although there are a lot of free CNA certification programs available, Red Cross CNA training isn’t one of them. If you choose to go ahead and followup with your training from the American Red Cross, this will cost you roughly $1500 for the entire course. Keep in mind however, that it is highly likely that you will receive a job at the end of the Red Cross course, and that with free certifications, you might not get a job that quick. Included in the price is the opportunity to do a state certificate exam, The Red Cross will pay for this. This is something that no other free CNA Training provider does. Also, where many of the free courses can take your prior medical training and experience into consideration , the Red Cross CNA training program doesn’t give any credit for any past experience you might have had in the medical field.

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