CNA Training Jacksonville FL

The recent economic crisis has not only affected the already working professionals, in the form of retrenchments but also dimmed the employment opportunities of many job seekers aiming to change their jobs or fresher’s seeking employment opportunities.

The students just graduated from high schools are also in search of jobs to supplement their family income and cover their own day-to-day expenses, instead of joining colleges to pursue further studies for degrees and certifications.  But, the question that intrigues all these jobs seekers is how to gain short duration training to get immediate employments.

CNA Training Jacksonville fl is the best option available that can offer immediate and easiest employments in hospitals, nursing homes, long term care facilities and various other health care settings.

The city of Jacksonville is largest and most populated city of the FL state. In addition, there are over 17 big and small hospitals and health clinics including few ranking hospitals in and around Jacksonville. The greater density of population with increased numbers of elderly citizens and location of a number of hospitals offers easy employments to CNAs completing CNA Training Jacksonville fl.

You must also remember that most of the schools offering nurse aide programs in the city do not demand a GED or high school diploma as a prerequisite for the program enrollment. You can complete your training in 4-6 weeks by spending $300 to $600 as a training cost.

CNA Training Jacksonville FL Curriculum

The nurse aide training program offered by schools and colleges in the cities may vary slightly but state law require minimum training duration of 120 hours, combined classroom course instructions and clinical training, out of which 40 hours must be spend on supervised clinical hands-on experience and rest classroom and lab training.

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum include studying on subjects such as basic nursing cares, personal cares, emergency care procedures, role of a nurse aide in a facility, mental care procedures, interpersonal skills and communications, nursing math, restorative cares and additional skills.

FL CNA exam

The program not only make you proficient in offering competent nursing cares but also prepare you for the FL competency evaluation exam that evaluates your nursing prowess. If you prove your nursing acumen by passing both Written/Oral and Skill test, you will be immediately awarded a CNA certification and listed with the FL Nurse Aide Registry that also permit you to work in a varied health care settings throughout FL.

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