CNA Training in Milwaukee WI

You must have completed your high school graduation and now must be aiming to start your professional career to earn salary, instead of enrolling in a college education because, the recession has made it tough for everybody to meet their everyday expenses or living costs.

Which educational program can offer you immediate employments that can cover your living cvosts easily?

If you complete your CNA Training of few weeks duration in Milwaukee WI and clear the state and federal required competency evaluation test, you can immediately get nurse aide jobs in avariety of health care settings.

CNA Training in Milwaukee WI Overview

As a nurse aide, you will only be allowed to work in a facilty if you can complete WI state and OBRA-87 approved nurse aide training program.  The CNA Training in Milwaukee WI has a length of 120 hours, that combine both classroom knowledge and lab training. At least 32 hours are set side for the clinical hands-on experience training among the elderly patients in an approved long term care facility.

CNA Program Course Curriculum

The program curricum is based on the theoritical subjects that are instructed in the classroom and clinical training that offer you opportunity to practice what you have been learned in the knowledge class.

During the program, you will gain knowledge on skills on a variety of nursing cares including personal health care, general nursing cares, basic health cares, physiology, nursing maths, body anatomy, safety and infection control, medical terminology, mental health cares, role of a CNA in a long term care facility or hospital, restorative cares, computer skills, communication and nursing maths.

The CNA Training in Milwaukee WI can be completed through schools, community and vocational colleges and career building institutes. There are 6 CNA schools and colleges in Milwaukee County, offering nurse aide training programs. All these six programs are approved by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Free CNA Training

In addition, you can also complete your program through longg term care facility free of cost, in exchange of your concurrence to work in the facility for certain stretch of time period after the completion of the training.

The students are also offered state, federal and private entity loans, scholorships and loans to complete their training program. Even tution fee reimbursement scheme is also offered to the nurse aides, if they are employmened within 12 months of their training complertion.

Milwaukee CNA Classes Approval

The WI Department of Health Services (DHS) regulate, manage, approve or disapprove, monitor and oversees the implementation of OBRA requirement and state law education standard in CNA Training in Milwaukee WI
. and monitor the WI CNA Programs.

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