CNA training classes for Nurse Aides in Pawtucket, RI

CNA training classes for Nurse Aides in Pawtucket, RI

Nation’s smallest state with calmness all around, Rhode Island offers jobs in plenty for those who want to continue a career in this profession as nurse aides. As the population of this state is low as compared to other states there is a shortage of nursing assistants which paves out booming opportunities for certified nursing assistants who are willing to have training and employment opportunities within this state.


A report by Rhode Island department of labor and training CNA jobs are likely to increase between 2006 to 2016 due to the increase in the ageing population in America who need the care and concern which their family and friends can’t provide. This leads to increase in demand of skilled and efficient certified nursing assistants in the years to come.

The great population of the Pawtucket RI, state has created huge demands for certified nurse aides to look after ailing population. The bay booms and rapid increase of ageing population have also contributed to the greater requirements of CNAs in this state.  It has also compelled health care facilities to offer attractive salaries to retain working CNAs or employing of fresh nurse assistants with better wages.

The duration of the certification course varies from state to state. Although, as mentioned by the federal law, the RI CNA certificate course lasts for eight to thirteen weeks, which include seventy five hours of theoretical lectures and hundred hours of clinical training. During these weeks, students are training in various kinds of skills such as, handling and sterilizing the medical equipments, keeping the patients’ room clean and tidy, checking the vital signs of the patients (temperature, blood pressure, and pulse), nutrition and infection control and so on.

However, there are certain prerequisites that have to fulfill by the nursing aspirants, which includes:

A high school diploma or GED.

No past or present criminal record.

No student should have any communicable or infectious disease.

The student must be at least eighteen years or above.

A photo ID proof and two passport size photographs.

This industry is always open out for those who want to have a career in medical sector where being a nursing assistant marks as a stepping stone to their career in the health field. With years and years of experience and training under the guidance of licensed nurse your future can take a shape which you cannot even imagine of offering you lucrative salary and handsome perks.

So if you are an individual willing to make a career in this sector Pawtucket, RI is waiting out for you with wide range of opportunities and that too in plenty.

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