CNA training classes for nurse aides in Parkersburg, WV

With increase in the job opportunities in Parkersburg; there is an increase in the number of jobs for certified nursing assistants who provide required care to the ailing patients. This make this state a dream place to start a career in the medical field.

Those who are aspiring to become a nursing assistant in Parkersburg have a fairly good chance as there is a shortage of required skilled labor, which makes the competition less and provides with range of opportunities for those starting their career as certified nursing assistants. Jobs are mostly available in health care facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics etc.

One is required to find a nurse aide training program in Parkersburg that matches your schedule and budget. The state of Parkersburg makes sure that the nurse aide facilities and boarding homes reimburse the CNA training fees to its employees; after the employment of the individual within 90 days after the completion of the training. One receives the reimbursement for the nurse aide training program only after getting employed. While one is taking up the nurse aide program, it is mandatory to keep the receipts of the costs associated with the study. One is required to give the details of tuition fees, books and other supplies to the employers. This information is required for reimbursement.

Upon successfully completing the Nurse Aide Program in Parkersburg, one is required to perform five nurse aide skills that include controlling illness. Apart from that one is required to complete a written test. Once you successfully pass the test and submit all the necessary documents of the training to WV Nurse Aide registry; then you are certified as a Nurse Aide in WV.

The average CNA salary in Parkersburg is somewhere around $18,000 to $29,000 which is quite low as compared to other states due to the low cost of living. But what you annually earn would depend on your personal experience, location and type of work you do which is inclusive of benefit like paid vacations, pensions plans, retirement plans etc. The job market in Parkersburg is also expected to grow with a rate of 10% in the years to come which makes this state a suitable place to search out jobs in the medical sector.

Therefore, anybody aspiring to enter nursing field by completing the nurse aide training program and gaining certification with a tender and loving heart to serve the ailing can start their career venture in Parkersburg to earn handsome salary.

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