CNA Resume Sample


Considering your special skills an expertise that is helpful in your nursing career, it is very important that your certified nursing assistant resume must contain in depth knowledge of your skills and experience.


The Basic CNA Resume

The resume format may vary depending upon the job profile, but a certified nursing assistant resume should include most or all of the following categories



Work history


Professional affiliations (may be relevant in some jobs)



Make sure you elaborately give details regarding where you were certified. Also include other certifications that can enhance your CNA certificate such as, any training certificates, nursing care etc. You must include details of your relevant work experience. If you have worked with any health care facility make sure you list it in your resume as well. Make a note of goals that you would like to pursue in your education and career as a nurse aide.

Do not forget to include relevant details of past CNA jobs. If you have experience in the health care sector make sure you include references from those in your CNA application and resume.

An overview of the professional registered nurse resume includes:

Qualifications summary:

In your nursing resume, clearly emphasize by writing a narrative statement, why you should be called for an interview. Your qualification summary must include details about medical equipment, patient relationships, teaching, coaching, project management, nurse staffing, patient care, pre-operation, healthcare compliance and healthcare services

Education :

In this section list your education, training and level of knowledge that you possess.  It is required that you portray training and licensure and academic honors, scholarship and extracurricular activities.  Those who are newly graduate must place education section before experience section.


This section in your nursing resume must emphasize on your duties as well as your achievements and must show how you went beyond your responsibilities to help out the employer or department. It should also state the improvement in your workflow and patient satisfaction, revenue generation, managing inventory details.