CNA Responsibilities

CNAs are front line health care professionals, offering direct routine cares to patients of all age group, suffering from various types of ailments in a variety of health care settings. They are also one of the valuable members of the health care team and their job duties are decided by the RNs or LPNs, under whom they work.

The knowledge and skills that can make them competent health care provider is provided by each state and OBRA-87 approved CNA Training Programs. The competency for offering safe and quality nursing care is evaluated by the state regulated Board of Nursing or its contracted agencies by offering through CNA Certification Test. The passing of the test also awards CNA Certification and Credential, listing with the state Nurse Aide registry and working permission.

Important CNA Responsibilities

The primary CNA Responsibilities that are to be executed in different facilities or health care settings varies as per the position CNA is employed or the type of facility they are working. For example, if nurse aides are employed in nursing homes, they offer cares to residents who are there for long term cares and mostly these patients are elderly citizens.

By working in a Physician’s office requires attending visiting patients and liaison between physician and the patient. They may also have to handle treatment expenses, call to other physicians for patients reports as directed by the physician and perform various additional functions.

CNA Job Salaries

The earning of CNAs ranges from $25,000 to $39,000, depending on various factors. The salaries paid to nurse aides are decided by the facility and positions offered to them. Even their few years working experience and possession of additional certificates and degrees can earn them higher salaries, as compared to fresher’s holding state CNA Certification. Different states also have separate salary structures for their working nursing personnel. The state with better economy and higher per capital income pays better than states with lower per capital income. If you are located in cities and metros, your earning will go higher than working in urban or rural centers.

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