CNA Recertification

If you aim to maintain your working permission as a CNA, you must keep your CNA certification in current level.

It is a known fact that a nurse aide must successfully complete state offered nurse aide training program and pass CNA Certification Test to earn Nurse Aide Certification. It is also necessary to remember that the certification once earned does not remain in current level always, but the validity is only for two years before it is expired. In order to maintain the current status, the certification must be renewed before the expiry date.

But, on numerous occasions, it is found that due to certain reasons nurse aides forget to renew their certification and it gets lapsed, or on many occasions the certification is not renewed before the expiry date and the certification gets expired and need to follow recertification process to get it renewed.

CNA Recertification is essential for the following situations:

  • If nurse aide forgets to get the certification renewed before expiry date and it gets expired.
  • If you have not met the renewal requirements as desired by the state Nurse Aide Registry, State Board of Nursing or law, such as working for certain period of time against monetary benefits or working for certain period of time as required.
  • If the state, where you are transferring your license do not have reciprocity arrangement with the home state or if you do not meet the license endorsement requirements.

 Procedures Essential for Recertification

There are certain procedures that must be followed for CNA Recertification, though separate states have their own prerequisites for recertification. But, the common procedures include:

  • The Renewal Form must be completed with required information.
  • The required renewal fees must be submitted.
  • If the state has reciprocity arrangements, the license can be transferred, otherwise you will have to sit for the nurse aide training program of that state and pass the certification exam.
  • If your certification is expired and if you fail to get it renewed within the stipulated time period, you will have to recomplete your training program and pass the competency evaluation test.

CNA Recertification information is available with the website of the most of the state’s Nurse Aide Registry or Board of Nursing.

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