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If you are working or may have family commitments that prevent you from attending full time day classes, necessary for gaining CNA Certification for immediate earnings, what alternative do you have to pursue your nurse aide program for certification?  The best option that is available to pursue your certification program is to enroll in a CNA Programs Online that offers flexible time for attending the classes. Internet programs are open 24 x 7 days and can be completed at your free time anywhere. For online nurse aide program, you will need a computer with broad band connection to browse private sites or schools or colleges that offer distance learning options.

The nursing shortages, easy employments in the health care field and lower tuition fees of CNA Programs Online are other benefits that have made these programs popular among the aspiring students, professionals and housewives.

CNA Programs Online Curriculum

Many online programs have duration of around 6 months and follow the federal and state requirements in its curriculum. It is also necessary that the program must be accredited through the National League for Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNA).

While attending online programs, you will be instructed mostly on the theoretical aspects of the CNA Programs, such as measuring vitals, ways to assist the patients in their movements, anatomy and physiology, safety and infection control, bed making, communication and basic nursing procedures.

As is understood, all nurse aide programs have two parts,  classroom course instructions and clinical hands-on experience as mandated d by the state and federal OBRA -87 legislation. The clinical part of the training is most important aspect that provides you practical experience among the patients.

Therefore, when attending online program, you must find out the clinical arrangements offered by the online or distance learning training providers. Many private online program providers have tie up with local facilities from where you are attending the classes and they arrange your clinical hands-on experience with them or you may have to volunteer and gain clinical experience working in these facilities. The campus based schools and colleges, offering online distance learning classes require you to complete theoretical portion online and clinical training with the facilities selected by them for their campus based clinical experience.

Important CNA Programs Online Providers

  • University of Phoenix
  • Kaplan University
  • Mountain State University
  • Independence University
  • South University

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