CNA Programs in Chicago

If you are residing in the state of Chicago, you must remember that the city of Chicago is largest city in IL and 3rd most populous city throughout the country. In addition, the city is also home to increased number of ageing citizens. The health care needs of these elderly citizens are very high and the nursing professionals that can provide them safe and quality everyday routine direct cares in homes and long term care facilities are CNAs.

It is also a known fact that the city of Chicago locates many big and small facilities, of which few are ranking ones. These facilities also regularly posts many openings for CNAs but the situation has deteriorated due to the nursing shortages and lesser number of nurse aides to work in these facilities.

Therefore, the earning of CNA Certification by passing CNA Programs in Chicago can get you immediate employments in a number of health care settings in the city.

CNA Programs in Chicago

The schools, community colleges, adult education centers and tech institutes of the Chicago city follow the IL state and OBRA requirements of 150 hours total CNA Programs in Chicago. Though, the program duration may vary depending upon the training providing institutions. The offered programs must be duly approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The program is divided into two parts – the first part is reserved for theoretical course instructions in the classroom and the second part is devoted for clinical hands-on experience. The students gain hands-on experience in an approved facility, among the patients, contracted by the specific school or college. The RN nurse educator supervises the clinical training.

CNA Course Curriculum

The students attending CNA Programs in Chicago gain knowledge and skills essential for competent nursing cares in hospitals and nursing homes. The core curriculum of their program includes:

  • Physiology
  • Restorative care procedures
  • Mental health care skills
  • Personal health care skills
  • Basic Nursing Care skills
  • Respect of Patient Independency and Privacy
  • Safety procedures
  • Infection Control measures
  • General Nursing Care Procedures
  • Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology
  • Role of a Nurse aide in a facility.

Admission Requirements

You must also remember that there are certain enrollment requirements that must be completed by you for the admission to CNA Classes in Chicago including:

  • You must have completed minimum 8th grade education
  • Can write and understand English
  • Complete criminal background check
  • Free from communicable and infectious diseases.

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