CNA Practice test Online

A CNA is a nurse aide who works under the supervision of a registered nurse in a health care facility. Those who take up the CNA Training program have a lot of growth opportunities in the medical sector. The Nurse Aides are offered better salaries and have optimum growth opportunities within the medical sector.

The requirements of the CNAs, varies from state to state based on the time duration and course structure of the CNA training program. To qualify as a nurse aide in United States of America, one is required to take up the CNA state competency test to get certified as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Upon successful completion of the CNA State Competency exam one gets listed on the nurse aide Registry of the state in which they are residing. The CNA state competency test determines whether the student nurse aide is ready to put in their nursing skills into practice, which they have learned during their CNA course. The CNA practice test is a method to test the various areas of nursing skills learned during the CNA Training and check the progress of the nurse aide. The CNA practice test is a way to determine whether the nurse aide requires more practice on his/her skills before taking up the CNA state competency test.

The CNA practice test is taken up by the CNA students to examine their knowledge on the various topics that are included in the CNA state competency exam. The topics of the CNA practice exam may include patient care, monitoring blood pressure level, lab techniques and handling emergency situations. The CNA practice test may help to boost the morale of the students who are nervous before giving their CNA exam. The CNA practice test increases confidence and ease in the minds of the students who are taking up the CNA state exam. This CNA practice test makes the students do well in their actual CNA exam. The students get an idea what their test is going to be like and helps them to manage time during their exam. Even if the student fails in the CNA practice test, they can learn from their mistakes and make the required changes; or undergo additional study with more zest and zeal, which boosts their knowledge level on the day of the CNA state competency exam.

If you fail in the state board test, the CNA state exam gives you the flexibility to reschedule the test for some another time and the student has another chance to pass it. The advantage of the CNA practice test is that it avoids the delay in clearing the actual CNA test and helps the students to reach their goal quickly, which is to start working as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Upon successful completion of the CNA state competency exam; one gets qualified as a Certified Nursing Assistant and can work in hospitals, clinics, rehabs or even private homes of the patients. To Work as CNA is not an easy task anyhow. The CNAs are required to work for long hours, need to do hard physical labor and may even spend long time in standing.

This job has an emotional aspect associated with it, which involves working in close association with old and the ailing. This job has a huge demand for those who are mentally fit. The CNA is the one who makes the closest relationship with the patient among others who work in a health care facility. The responsibility of the CNA involves washing, dressing, feeding and grooming the patient. A strong bond of trust and understanding is developed between the patient and the CAN. The CNA is required to make the patient feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. In return the CNAs receive job satisfaction and a handsome perk, building confidence in their abilities and strengthening their mind.

Nursing assistants or nurse aides are in great demand in all states of USA. Those aspiring to begin a career in nursing with investment of minimum time and money have no other better option than pursuing a CNA certification. Individuals require completing a CNA training program or apprenticeship and pass National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) test to become a nurse aide.

CNA exam has two components- written and clinical. The written test may be conducted in a computer based testing or paper based testing. It consists of 70 multiple choice questions, out of which 10 are not scored. These questions pertain to knowledge of physical care, psychological care, and nurse assistant profession. The exam may also be delivered as oral test under special testing accommodations. In such case, test has 60 multiple choice questions and 10 questions on reading comprehension. The clinical exam involves practical demonstration of any five nursing skills selected randomly from a set of 25 nursing skills stated by NCSBN. Individuals gain knowledge and skills of nursing through their nurse aide training program. The same knowledge is tested in written exam.

The written exam is administered first. It is necessary to solve ample CNA practice tests for preparing the exam. The pre-test evaluation of nursing knowledge and skills can be evaluated through the CNA practice Test Online.

CNA practice test online

Candidates can find several CNA practice tests online (like on this website). CNA practice test is the best resource to verify nursing knowledge so gained and do a rehearsal of actual exam. One may be able to cover entire test syllabus and earn confidence by practicing sufficient number of CNA sample tests. Enjoy practicing some of the CNA practice questions listed below-

CNA Practice Test Questions and Answers

Q1. Which of the following is common symptom of approaching death?

  1. Serious and continuous pain
  2. Slowing down of body functions
  3. Raised up signs
  4. None of these

Q2. The note ‘up ad lib’ means that

  1. Patient is free to rest and move out of bed at balanced intervals
  2. Patient is allowed to move out of bed only while mealtimes
  3. Patient has to confine to bed rest
  4. Patient needs help of at least two nursing assistants for all routine activities

Q3. Which of the following device is used for preventing contractures?

  1. Doppler
  2. Manometer
  3. Hadroll
  4. Air mattress

Q4. If a patient is kept on strict intake-and-output, responsibility of a nursing aide is to

  1. Maintain record of all solid food items taken by him/her
  2. Maintain record of all fluid items taken by him/her
  3. Record first voiding only
  4. Place patient NPO

Q5. After a patient has taken a cold beverage, his/her temperature can be measured orally after

  1. 30 minutes
  2. One hour
  3. 10 to 15 minutes
  4. 45 minutes

Q6. When a client has to be put in fowler’s position, nursing assistant should first

  1. Educate client about procedures
  2. Remake the bed
  3. Open a window
  4. Consult with client’s family

Q7. A patient is admitted in conscious state and put to bed; a nursing assistant should first off

  1. Educate him/her to use call light
  2. Check his/her skin
  3. Ask for food
  4. Make list of clothes and other valuables

Q8. Which of the following is correct measurement of urinary output?

  1. 1 cup
  2. 300 cc
  3. 2 quartz
  4. 50 oz

Q9. Nursing aides require completing minimum number of CE hours

  1. 20
  2. 6
  3. 12
  4. 50

Q10. How sexuality changes with aging?

  1. Sexual desire remains unchanged
  2. Sexual desire is increased
  3. Sexual desire is decreased
  4. There can be any of above three possibilities

Answer key:-
Q1. B
Q2. A
Q3. C
Q4. B
Q5. C
Q6. A
Q7. A
Q8. B
Q9. C
Q10. D