CNA license- Paving a way for a better future

CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant take care of the ailing patients and act as a helping hand for the Registered Nurses (RNs) in the hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or any other medical care facility.

The trained nursing personnel who takes care of the ailing and sick patients under the supervision of the registered nurse in the hospitals or any other medical care facility.

There are few pre requirements that the students have to complete before enrolling for the CNA Training

  • A high school diploma or GED.
  • A proof that the student is eighteen years and above.
  • Clearing the criminal background check is also necessary.

The nurse aides are required to complete a minimum of 75 hours of training in classroom and clinical sessions.  The CNAs are required to spend a minimum of 16 hours on clinical sessions. During the classroom sessions, the nurse aides are not allowed to get in direct contact wit the patients. Upon successful completion of the nurse aide training program the nurse aides get in contact with the patients under the guidance and supervision of registered Nurse aides. After passing the nurse aide competency test, they can work in any of the medical and health care centers.

The CNA testing depends upon the location and the state where the test are given. The duration of the course depends upon the course structure of the training program. The CNA classes may be two week long or may even take several months to complete. In order to qualify for the nurse aide course, one is required to pass written and practical sessions.

Before take up the CNA test one is required to have comprehensive knowledge regarding the human physiology and anatomy. The course for CNA testing includes written portion and physical behavioral techniques.

The Clinical exam portion comprises of testing in nursing areas like hand washing methods, blood pressure monitoring, bathing methods and various other physical procedures.

The written exam portion comprises of anatomical and physiological questions that needs to be answered in written portion. The physical procedural portion will also need to be defined.

Those who successfully complete the CNA Training program and pass the CNA state competency exam gain a valid license.

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