CNA Jobs

A CNA is the one who has graduated from a school of nursing and has passed national license examination. A CNA helps the people to retain good health and prevent diseases. They are required to take care of the sick and injured people in hospitals and health care facilities. The scope of the practice of a CNA is determined by the Nurse practicing act, which differs from state to state.


There are plenty of job opportunities for those CNAs who wish to work in health centers and hospitals. The CNAs should observe rigid and standard guidelines to protect themselves from patients, to whom they come in contact daily.

The CNA Jobs are as follows:

  • Caring for others: provide medical attention, personal care and support to patients.
  • Recording Information: keeping a record of all the patient related data and store the information in electronic and magnetic form.
  • Get information: Observe and receive information from relevant sources.
  • Update the relevant knowledge: keep yourself up-to date by making use of new technical advancements.
  • Prioritize work: Learn to make specific goals and develop, plan and prioritize your tasks.
  • Identify objects: learn how to identify certain information, recognize the differences and detecting the changes made.
  • Make decisions and solve problems: analyze information and evaluate results for the best solutions.
  • Deal with people: required to deal with people and serve the needs of clients or patients.
  • Mutual communication: provide all the necessary information to customers, supervisors through telephone, email or in person.
  • Maintain interpersonal relationships: develop cooperative working relationships and maintain them over time.

A CNA with an experience of less than a year may earn $19 to $25 per hour.  Those with a higher level of experience are expected to earn around $20 to $31 per hour. According to a survey by the Bureau of labor statistics the average salary of a CNA is around $62,000, which may vary depending upon the location of the facility for, which the CNA is hired for.

The top paying metropolitan areas for CNAs is Santa Clara California offering an average salary of $104,300. Other high paying states include San Francisco, Oakland and Napa.  The average salary of these locations is $88,970 to $103,660.

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