CNA Job Description

CNA job descriptionCertified nursing assistant can be a booming career for you and a head start into the medical and healthcare sector. Nursing aides also sometimes called healthcare aides work with registered nurses to care, monitor and treat patients. These are the most closer to patients than any other nursing staff.

CNA Responsibilities and job description-

Nursing aides are liable to a variety of jobs in a medical facility. The patient’s complete care is on the shoulders of nursing aides and registered nurses. The typical duties of a nursing aide include:

Fundamental care of patient:

Nursing aides are responsible to maintain hygiene of patients. They have to help them in bathe, groom, shave, dress and curtain before treatment, examination or operation or in general on a daily basis. They need to help the patient in movement on bed and walking and exercising. They have to take care that patients surrounding is clean and healthy. Even sometimes patients unable to take food are to be feed, may be using a food tube by the aides.

Monitoring and reporting about patient-

The CNA job includes checking the vitals such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse etc. Aides have to report the patient’s healthcare behavior to the RNs and in case of any emergency call the doctors also.

Support the patient emotionally and socially-

The CNA job also includes supporting the patient emotionally, morally and socially. This demands good verbal and nonverbal communication skill and humane and well-nature. It the aides, who are most of the time with patient.

CNA salaries and jobs:

United States Bureau of labor statistics data 0f 2008-2018 stated that the wages of CNA jobs varied from $8.34 to $15.97 per hour where aides were working for 7-8 hors a day mostly on 7days a week basis. The wages of paramedics were still higher. The CNA jobs are expected to increase by more than 18 percent in 2008-2018. As estimated 279,600 CNA jobs will be generated during this period.

CNA advancement:

A CNA job can give you a head start in a medical field. After going through formal education, aides can promote to designations like registered nurse, licensed nurses or medical assistant. A CNA job has fair earnings in itself with limited but not diminishing scope in future.

How to acquire a CNA job:

To work as a certified nursing assistant, you need to pass the state approved qualifying exam of CNA known as National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP). The passing score in the exam is 75 percent. This exam in divided in two sections- written exam and clinical test. The written exam where verifies your theoretical knowledge about medical terminology, human anatomy and biology, clinical procedures, professional and legislative issues related to the medical and healthcare professions, the clinical test is for the examination of the practical nursing skills. To successfully achieve certification, the aspirant first needs to enroll himself into an apprenticeship of a hospital, medical facility or join a recognized CNA training program. The certification must be passed within the two years of the formal completion of apprenticeship or training. Even if you fail, you have a chance to retake the exam. The maximum number of attempts can be three which can be used within the two year period after training or apprenticeship. The aspirant must attend the CNA classes within training or apprenticeship and take help of study guides and practice tests to ensure high percentage in CNA exam. Also Clinical test should not be underestimated and given equal attention.

After the CNA certification the aspirant is enrolled in state registry of nursing aides. Now is the time you expedite your job applications for nurse aide job, all you have to do is make an effective CNA resume with a fine cover letter and crack the interview when called.

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