CNA Exam Test Questions

If you aspire to become a successful and flourishing CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant, then all you need to do is to follow some simple steps, listed below:

  • Look for a decent and resourceful CNA school, community college or private institution, which provide quality CNA education.
  • After the enrollment, make sure you attend each and every class that is written and practical.
  • Once the training part is over, you become eligible to sit for the CNA exam.

It is extremely essential for all the nursing students to clear the CNA exam in order to receive CNA certification and get listed on the State Nurse Aide Registry. During the CNA exam, the nursing students need to bring state ID or driving license as an identification proof along with social security card.

CNA exam basically consists of two main sections. The first one is the written examination. State also allows one to give the written exam in the form of oral test. In this test, there are around 50 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). The duration of this written or oral test is approximately two hours.

The second section of the CNA exam is the practical test. Before the examination, the students are provided with a handbook, which consists of 25 skills. It has all the details about the clinical skills listed in proper order. Some of these clinical skills include hand washing, nutrition and infection control, checking the vital signs of the patients, handling medical equipments, sterilizing medical instruments, such as needles, gloves, drapes etc. during the CNA exam, skill test, and the students are asked to perform at least 5 skills, that are randomly picked by the examiner. The time limit of this practical examination is around twenty five minutes.

After the completion of the CNA exam, the students are informed about their result through email or mail. It is immensely essential for all the nursing students to score at least 75%, if they fail to do so, they might have to re-take the CNA exam.

Certified Nursing Assistant exam should never be taken carelessly. Therefore, it is absolutely essential as well as beneficial for you to take up some CNA exam practice test. It will prepare you well for the actual CNA exam and increase your chances to score at least 75 % of marks.

The CNA exam is fundamentally acknowledged as NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program) tests also. These are accepted by the OBRA/87 as well as by the state also. It is compulsory for all the students to clear CNA exam within the stretch of two years following the unbeaten achievement of the CNA training program. If they not succeed in clearing the CNA exam, they must endeavor for it once more to obtain the CNA certification.

Many of the nursing aspirants take some extra CNA courses to clear their CNA exam. If you prepare well, nobody could stop you from clearing these nursing examination and to become a certified nursing assistant.

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