CNA Employment Duties: Oncology

The requirement of certified nurse aides is rising with a rapid pace, as the health care needs of the inhabitants are mounting. As the technology is becoming advanced day by day, the anticipations of the people are relatively high. A certified nurse aide is a health care professional playing an important role, in serving the basic needs of the sick and maturing patients. A qualified and professional nurse aide operates in the several nursing and medical care establishments including, hospices, clinics and various nursing care units; underneath the direct supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. The schedule of certified nursing assistant is very hectic and works around 40 to 50 hours in a week and often performs night shifts as well and even increase his/her shift hours during emergency.

There are different types of certified nursing aide; one of them is termed as oncology certified nursing aides. These individual types of certified nurse aides operate in the oncology department of the hospital or health facility. The main objective of the oncology department is to serve and treat the patients suffering from severe disease of cancer. As an oncology certified nurse aide, you have to preserve a healthy environment in the oncology ward of the nursing and health care establishment. The clientele in the oncology ward are prone to the sickness owing to the prescription and treatment, which can cause destruction to their immune system.

Also, an oncology certified and professional nurture assistant has to keep a watch on the functioning of the oncology department. They have to regularly examine the patients, so that in case any of the important signs discrepancies, they can inform their advanced authority. If a tumor patient has to depart for a different hospice for advance cure, the oncology CNA arranges the patron and in addition aides to move him to new sanatorium.

Consequently, we can acknowledge that an oncology certified nurse aide has to deal with greater responsibilities and duties, as compared to a normal certified nursing assistant.

What is the requirement for career in oncology nursing?

An oncology nurse must hold a degree in BSC (Bachelor of Science) nursing and need to have registered nurse certificate to get certified as an oncology nurse through the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation. An oncology nurse must have minimum 1 year working experience as registered nurse, 1,000 hours of practice in ON (Oncology Nursing) and10 hours of Oncology Nursing continuing learning. Courses may include chemotherapy administration, hematology and palliative care.

Employment opportunities as Oncology nurse

As we know that demand for nursing assistant is rapidly increasing in every corner of the world but there is much higher demand for the post of oncology nurse, as this is very tough job to perform, so only few candidates pursues for it. It is a fact that packages offers to oncology nurses is much higher than the packages offers to certified nursing assistant and there is also wide scope for promotion and increment in packages for oncology nurse. According to, the median salary for an Oncology Nurse is $61,463