CNA Duties And Responsibilities

The nursing sector is a fast growing career that offers different options for the aspiring ones to choose from.  CNAs may find large number of job opportunities in hospitals and medial facilities. To become a Certified Nurse Aide one is required to follow the Job description of the CNA given below:

  • CNAs are responsible for taking care of patients and record the symptoms of patients, administer the medications and assist the patients with rehabilitation.
  • CNAs perform operations such as, medical devices, equipments and perform diagnostic testing and analyses.
  • They need to educate the family and friends of the patients about the patient’s medical condition and provide emotional support. They are also required to speak to the public about the health related issues.
  • CNAs may also work with the old and the ailing.
  • CNAs are required to work 40 to 60 hours a week based on the job and in case of an emergency are required to take night shifts.
  • CNAs are required to provide emotional support to patients.
  • They must have a large knowledge to evaluate, plan and promote good health and help the family of patients to deal with illness and injuries.

Those who are interested to become nurse aides must first take the can training program. Upon completion of the course the students are required to take up the CNA state competency test.  On gaining the CNA certification the nurse aides are offered jobs in hospitals, health care facilities and private homes.

The Certified Nursing Assistant is required to be caring, sympathetic and detail oriented. They are required to access patients’ conditions and provide consultation.  They must be able to provide emotional and mental support to patients. The average salary of a Certified Nurse Aide is $36,450, which comes with many benefits like paid holidays, sick leaves, extra pay for late-shift work, and pension plans which are available to many CNAs and to some nursing care facility employees.

The CNA is required to be proactive with the doctor and the staff nurse and provide care to the patients in a timely manner. The nurse aide is required to work in teams and at certain times must be able to show the sign of a team leader.

The CNA must know what the doctor expects out of them and their output must be beneficial to the patient. A CNA must come forward to assist the ones in need and must provide ample of care to them. As the CNAs spend so much time with the patients; at times they need to deal with unfavorable activities. He/she must be able to build a strong relationship with the patients.

The certified nursing assistant must be compassionate, patient, understanding and honest. They must be able to work well in teams or alone. They should be spick and span in a healthy state. They are required to give a lot of attention even to the minutest of the details. They must be physically fit enough to lift and transport patient, if required.

The aspiring CNAs who are willing to work in the United States of America can hope for a bright future with this upcoming boom in the nursing sector with a lucrative salary.

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