CNA Courses

It is a known fact that certified nurse aides are very important member of a health care team that comprises of nurses, physicians and health care professionals. They work under the supervision of a RN, LPN or a physician and provide direct health cares to the ailing patients.

But, it is also true that the knowledge and skills that can prepare you for offering safe and quality cares are gained through CNA Courses, offered in a number of schools, community colleges, trade schools and technical institutes.

CNA Courses Curriculum

CNA Courses consist of classroom course instructions and clinical training of the subjects that are instructed during classroom instructions. The length of the program is 6-12 weeks, depending upon the training providers. The federal OBRA-87 requires at least 75 hours training program, though different states have their own training schedules that may extend over 150 hours.

The subjects that must be learned to gain knowledge for nursing cares includes following courses along with the additional skills:

Human Anatomy – will provide you in-depth knowledge on various aspects of human body.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills – prepares you for communication with disable patients, ageing residents, reporting to RNs, and for counseling and educating patients on various types of care procedures or for preventive health cares.

Medical Terminology skills are essential to understand medical languages, phrases and signs because you will require theses skills to communicate with physician and RNs, while preparing and documenting patient reports, interpreting diagnosis reports and others.

Role of a Nurse Aide – working in a health care facility, you will have to execute a number of duties and responsibilities relating to different types of patients. In course of your working, you may have to offer cares all age group patients including elderly patients, infants, children, teenagers or adult patients.

In addition, CNA Courses also offer you eligibility to sit in the CNA Exam that can award you CNA Certification and registration with the state Nurse Aide Registry along with the credential as a CNA.

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