CNA Classes in Utah

If you are a resident of Utah and aiming to enter health care field by completing your CNA Classes in Utah, the best places that can offer you immediate employment opportunities are Front counties of Webb, Davis, Utah, and Salt Lake. The reason being, over 75% of the total Utah population including elderly citizens resides in these areas.

The knowledge and skills essential for offering safe and quality health cares to ailing population can only be obtained through CNA Classes in Utah

CNA Classes in Utah Overview

CNA Classes in Utah comprises of two parts including:

  • Classroom Course Instruction
  • Clinical Hands-on Experience

The classroom instructions  are based on the theoritical knowledge of the nursing science, biology, nursing maths, communication and additional subjects including duties of a nurse aide, Infection Control and Safety procedures,  Promotion and Respect of Patient’s Rights and Independence, Medical terminology and body anatomy.

The Clinical Training offers opportunities to gain hands-on experience on the subjects instructed during the classroom learning. The clinical part of the training is completed under the direct supervision of a LPN or RN. The students experience personal care skills, basic nursing care skills and additional skills among the actual patients, and also get knowledge of the environment inside a facility and are able to talk to patient.

The total duration of the program is 80 hours and clinical portion of the training is 16 hours long. The CNA Classes in Utah must meet the education standard of OBRA-87.

The programs can be completed through community and vocational colleges, trade schools and tech institutes. The students can also complete their program through online classes but it is advisable that they must find out about the accreditaion of the program and clinical arrangement offered to students for their clinical hands-on experience.

CNA Classes in Utah Approval

The approval to CNA Classes in Utah is offered by the The UT State Office of Vocational Education.

It must also be noted that the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry (UNAR) provides approval to over a dozen CNA Classes in Utah. The responsibilty to oversee the implementation of federal and state mandates and education standard in the program lies with Utah Division of Health Care Financing.

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