CNA Certification

What is the importance of CNA Certification in the career of the nursing personnel? If you have a passion for serving the human kind by following the nursing track, you must remember that, becoming a certified nurse aide is your first step in the nursing field to gain nursing care experience, working in a variety of health care settings. But, you must remember that the practice permission is only granted to you, if you earn CNA Certification by passing the state offered competency evaluation test and get registered with the state Nurse Aide Registry.

Therefore, CNA Certification is a mean through which you are awarded CNA license No. and registration with the NA Registry together with the practice permission.

Nurse Aide Training Program

The first step to gain CNA Certification requires attending CNA Training Programs through schools, community colleges and tech institutes. The program continues for 4-6 weeks, or 75 hours (OBRA-87 mandated) or above. The program features both classroom knowledge and clinical experience with the patients.

The successful completion of the program offers eligibility to sit in the CNA Certification exam, consisting of Written/Oral Test and Skill Test for Certification.

Written/Oral Test

Written Test features 70-75 multiple choice test questions, where each question has 4 choice answers and the candidate has to pick up the best answer. The questions are based on the classroom knowledge instructions of the nurse aide program.

Clinical/Skill Test

Clinical Test is based on the clinical hands-on experience during the CNA Training program and on skills essential for the safe and competent nursing cares. The students are asked to demonstrate 5 skills, randomly selected from 25 skills on a dummy or live model. The hand-washing and safety procedures are two important ingredient of the Clinical test.

Both tests are completed same day, but the eligibility to appear in the Clinical Test is only offered once the candidate completes Written Test.

The success in both tests award CNA Certification and Registration with the state Nurse Aide Registry.

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