CNA Certification Renewal

You may have decided to put your first step into the professional world by entering the health care field by enrolling in a CNA training program, and with much painstaking efforts and practice, you may have passed the competency evaluation test and earned a CNA certification. The certification also permits you to practice as a nurse aide in a variety of health care settings. You can also become a travel nurse aide, private duty CNA, home health aide, school nurse assistant or military nurse aide.

But, are you aware that your certification is only valid for 2 years and it will get expired if you fail to renew the license before it gets lapsed. If you are thinking that the earning of the certification allows you work legally continuously for many years, you might be greatly mistaken because unless you do not get your certification renewed within the renewal time, meeting the state requirements for the renewal, you may have to recertify, completing CNA Program and passing the state certification tests.

Moreover, it is also essential that to remain continuously in the state Nurse Aide Registry and to get permission for working in a variety of health care settings, you must keep your certification in current status.

CNA Certification Renewal Procedures

CNA Certification can be renewed online after two year renewal cycle through the online services provided by the state nurse aide registry. CNAs must complete below given requirements to get their certification renewed:

  • Perform nursing related services against monetary compensation for certain hours, as required by the specific state you are licensed and practicing.
  • Complete certain hours of continuing education as required by the state.
  • Submit current name and address with the Registry
  • Submit US nationality/citizenship/alien status proving documentations.

If you fail to meet the renewal requirements or your license gets expired, you will have to reapply for the recertification and complete the state rules and regulations related to recertification process.

But, remember you must not have any felony charges against you or substantiated findings or investigation for abuse, neglect, misuse or misappropriation of resident or facility property or fund.

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