CNA Certification NC

If, serving the humanitarian cause is your career goal then you must get enrolled in a NC nurse aide training program that can lead to CNA Certification NC. The earning of certification also gets you registered with the NC Nurse Aide Registry, an important requirement for working in a variety of health care settings.

NC Nurse Aide Certification Program

In North Carolina, the Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) has the authority to approve NC Nurse Aide Training Programs and maintain NC Nurse Aide Registry. There are over100 NC CNA training programs approved by the DHSR.

A student has to complete 75 hours of the training program that combines both theoretical classroom instructions and clinical trainings, supervised by the 1-2 year experienced RN nurse educator. The students are to visit approved health care facilities to gain their clinical hands-on experience. While gaining experience among the patients, they also get familiar with the environment inside a hospital and get opportunity to talk with the patients and understand their views, and treatment procedures. Such practical experience greatly help them when they start working in the facility or when they pusue further studies and become LPN and RN.

CNA Certification Test NC

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has taken the servicesof Pearson Vue to design, schedule and administer CNA Certification Test (NNAAP) NC. It is also the responsibilty of Pearson Vue to provide scoring  and report the result of the test. The exam is scheduled at the selected Pearson Vue locations. The competency evaluation exam is evaluation of the knowledge and skills of CNAs to serve in a variety of health care settings.

CNA Certification Test is made up of Written/Oral test and Skill evaluation test and passing of the both parts of the test is essential for CNA Certification Test NC.

Written Test – is given in a multiple choice format and the candidate s are asked to pick the right answer from among the four answers offered for each question. The test is available in English only. But, the Oral test can be attempted in english and spanish.

Skill Evaluation Test – require performing 5 randomly selected skills on a live model or a dummy. The nurse aide evaluator will rate you on the basis of your skill performance. The candidate will have to demostrate all 5 skills to pass the test.

The passing of both Written/Oral Test and Skill Test offer CNA Certification NC and listing with the NC Nurse Aide Registry.

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